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mediCaNL is a leading medical research company based in Israel, specializing in medicinal cannabis

We design, develop, manage, and supervise clinical trials

Clinical and Preclinical Trial Management Services

Trials consultation & data research

Trials supervision

MediCaNL Israel 2019 is the leading Israeli company in the field of medicinal cannabis with 78 active studies and 20 more in the pipeline.
We are focused on international medical research and provide planning, development, management and supervision services for clinical trials


Israel has an advanced English-speaking western
health system
that is extremely supportive of clinical
trials in cannabis.


Israel has quick regulatory approval procedures
combined with short patient recruitment times.

Costs of clinical trials in Israel are significally cheaper compared with Europe, the US, and


MediCaNL is highly experienced in clinical research of
medicinal cannabis, able to head up our clients’ clinical
strategy with the support of a wide network of professional
service providers.

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