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Our Mission

It is our goal to advance medical knowledge and improve the health of people around the globe. We guide our clients through the entire clinical research process, beginning with the concept through the development phase. We further support our clients in the application of research data – discovering new and life-changing therapies – before documenting findings and obtaining regulatory approval.

Advantages of conducting medical trials in Israel 

Over the last decade, Israel has become a highly popular location for clinical trials, and is well recognized in the field of medical development. Israel offers quick regulatory approval procedures, short patient recruitment times, and a variety of patient demographics, not to mention skilled onsite research teams and ex¬tremely efficient time management with the strictest adherence to trial schedules. 

The country is also a pioneer in the field of medicinal cannabis research – many academic institutions study the subject, leading to its rapid development. Israeli regulation policies also allow for quick approval of clinical trials, while local hos¬pitals provide an extensive network of experienced research teams. Supporting all of this are Israel’s highly advanced production, formulation, analysis, and transportation services. 

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