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Clinical Development

MediCaNL currently manages clinical trials in Israel, Europe and Australia pro¬viding services in person and online. 
We offer clinical and preclinical trial services, as well as assistance with clinical trials in the form of research data of past studies from Phase I to IV in a variety of treatment methods, including consultation from trained professionals and KOLs who have a deep understanding of medicinal cannabis. 
All of the trials we supervise are carried out in accordance with the European Medicines Agency (EMA), US Federal Drug Administration (FDA), ICH Good Clinical Practice (GCP), and Israeli health regulations. 
To maintain the high standards of service required in the industry, our staff includes medical directors, clinical research associates, and trained biostatisti¬cians—each one handpicked and experienced in supervising over 30 cannabis trials simultaneously.


MediCaNL connections 

We are a regulatory expert that works closely with the medical cannabis unit of the Ministry of Health and their ethics com¬mittee, and the Institutional Review Board. 


Analytics, Product sourcing, manufacturing, import



From idea to final approval 

Recruitment, Bioanalytics, Statistics, Registration

Clinical Trials 


All of our trials comply with regulations from the following bodies: 
EMA • FDA • ICH wGCP • Israeli MOH

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